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    Here’s another abuse case that is being tied to the “need” to increase supervision of homeschools. It’s very confusing. Apparenly, the 10-year-old girl was chained to her bed when a fire broke out. She was unable to escape.


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    November 15th, 2003
    at 10:28 am

    When will they understand that “not in school” does not equal homeschooling?

    Sounds to me like another case of educational neglect or truancy rather than a homeschooler.

    They act like public school children never die for stupid reasons like this. I remember reading recently in the local paper about five children who died in a fire while their mothers were out barhopping. Where they went to school was not mentioned so I assume they were in public school otherwise the media would have made a point of bringing up the “not in school=homeschool=abuse” angle.

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    November 15th, 2003
    at 12:19 pm

    Wait a minute… the grandfather said his son told him in a phone conversation that Molly was being chained to her bed… Now the son says he didn’t know???(of course cause he’ll go to jail too) Social services had been called to investigate this family prior to them homeschooling, found nothing & just stopped following through.
    Also grandpa knew continually that his grand daughter was being mistreated for a long period of time & actually tried to address it in person w/ his son but didn’t follow through& call social services himself (maybe he didn’t want more trouble)
    Again they fault homeschooling…. when even her granddad couldn’t/wouldn’t stand up & save her… Some overworked teacher is going to find time to intervene more.

    & Dad himself never ever had a clue that things were bad for Molly. There never was a time when Molly could privately tell her dad how bad things were & ask for help.
    Seesh my daughter tells daddy everything that happens in the day when she’s with me & visa versa w/ dad. Not mention telling strangers her life story in the supermarket line…

    I’m also fed up w/ these scummy people that do this to their kids no matter where they go to school or not Our local paper today has a story of a 9 month old baby being kicked & abused by her 19 yr old MOM.
    Grandma confirmed the neglect report added details & tried to get temp custody when social service had a tip that Mom wasn’t caring for the baby awhile before. Social services investigated & then denied grandma the baby.. Mom deserved a chance to shape up… Grandma brought the baby to the hospital after Mom kicked across the floor. Social services finally has enough evidence to give the baby to grandma. Mom admits to having a bad day.. Yikes I hope there’s a special circle in hell for people like her right in the hottest part of the flames.. bad day indeed.

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    November 15th, 2003
    at 3:14 pm

    According to an article I read today the Grandfather called Social Services and tried to get help for his granddaughter. That was according to the grandfather.