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    This “caring parent” is about as clueless as any I’ve seen.

    Parents should prove they can teach

    There needs to be a stronger law in Illinois so parents have to prove they have the education to home school children like in a normal classroom. I know there are so many children who don’t get and desperately need school. How are our children going to make it in this society in years to come? They are our future, and without proper education they will not be strong enough to tackle this by themselves.

    We trust the parents way too much, instead of checking and tending to our children. A family mamber I know is doing this to her children. It’s not fair to watch the kids suffer without enough being done to the parents.

    I have no problem with parents who stick to their home schooling. It’s the parents who don’t and think about themselves and only themselves. Please help make Illinois and other states better places for our children to learn and grow.

    A caring parent,

    Elizabeth Gee
    Davenport, Iowa

    Unsurprisingly, Illinois homeschoolers beg to differ. John Bambenek gets it 100% right:

    Parents and children need to be liberated from public school monopoly

    In the on-going debate about home schooling, one thing becomes abundantly clear. There is no concept of freedom on the anti homeschooling side. They state that they need to protect children from inadequate teachers (namely parents) by putting them in schools with inadequate teachers.

    The point is simply this: The government has little right to regulate how parents raise their children. Sure, beating kids is an exception, but seriously, how children are educated is the right and responsibility of the parents. And let’s be honest for a minute, there is quite a bit of indoctrination that takes place in the public schools.

    Parents should be deciding where their children go to school and how they are educated, and not the government. It is time that the public education monopoly was brought down so that parents can choose what is best for their kids. It is time parents had the power to choose which school their kids attended with a system of vouchers which enables that choice.

    When the government is vested with power to “protect” children from their parents, we no longer live in a democracy. The government raising children is simply not the legacy of freedom and limited government our Founding Fathers fought and died to leave us with.

    John Bambenek

    Homeschoolers 1, Caring Parents 0.

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