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    Just what the heck are homeschoolers in Iowa thinking:

    High school diploma for Home School Assistance Program at the request of home schooled parents and teachers. Students enrolled in the Mid-Prairie Home School Assistance Program (MPHSAP) may choose to participate in the home school diploma program. The diploma would be optional for all MPHSAP students, and home schooled students may continue to participate in all other functions of MPHSAP if they elect not to participate in the diploma program. Students must complete 20 credits including 3.5 credits of English, two credits of math, 2.5 credits of science, three credits of social studies and two credits of PE/Health. They may participate in honors program.

    MPHSAP students completing the requirements for graduation would be recommended to the Board of Education and would receive a special diploma documenting his/her achievement, but would not participate in the M-P gradation ceremonies. The director of MPHSAP may choose to provide a separate graduation ceremony for these students.

    It was noted that this program would provide a working format for keeping records, provide documentation of accomplishment and recognition of accomplishments of the students in MPHSAP.

    Sounds like “school” to me. It’s optional but who would want to tie their hands like this?

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