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    …On a day when I can’t blog, a good homeschooling article comes out and I get scooped. Kimberly Swygert did a good job so I’m not going to repeat what she covered. Instead, I’d like to applaud the reporter for this little gem:

    Not just for the Christian right anymore

    Until recently, educating at home was thought to be the domain of the religious right, and for good reason. Mike Farris, the unsuccessful 1993 fundamentalist Republican candidate for Lt. Governor positioned himself front and center of the cause. But Farris, chairman and co-founder of the 70,000 member national Home School Legal Defense Association and president of Patrick Henry College– an institution offering the “godly leadership that America so desperately needs”– may not represent the majority of home-schoolers.

    …In Virginia, the divergence in the home-school movement is illustrated by the existence of two distinct legislative watchdog groups.

    “Committed to helping parents fulfill their God-given right and responsibility to educate their own children” is the motto of the Home Education Association of Virginia which gives its membership a discount to join Farris’ group. Meanwhile, the Virginia Home Education Association is a big-tent organization, steadfast in its dedication to religious and political neutrality.

    Not exactly a fan of HSLDA and Farris, eh? This really is a terrific point and one we need to stress (repeatedly, if necessary) when dealing with state and federal legislators. Homeschoolers are a diverse lot. No group- neither HSLDA nor NHELD- is capable of speaking for all. VHEA has the right idea: Remain vigilant but neutral.

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    “Home Education Association of Virginia… Virginia Home Education Association”

    In other news, a fight has emerged between the Judean People’s Front and the People’s Front of Judea. The Popular People’s Front of Judea declined to comment.

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