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    Read the first four paragraphs of this St. Pete Times op/ed.

    The trouble with liberal Democrats is they don’t know a thing about how to handle tax dollars responsibly.

    No, ma’am. A Democrat politician gets some fool idea in his head for a new government program, and rushes right out to throw the public’s money at it.

    Even if that money gets wasted, or stolen, it doesn’t matter. They don’t like audits, or accounting, or any of that stuff. If their buddies get rich, that’s just fine.

    Yep, liberal Democrats can’t be trusted with our money.

    And, now, the rest of the story:

    Except … except for one little thing.

    That is exactly how the supposedly “conservative” Republicans who control the Florida Legislature have behaved when it comes to school vouchers.

    In their zeal to transfer the public’s money into private schools, our lawmakers have deliberately refused to account for how it is being spent.


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