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    A Detroit-area science class was given the assignment to make the least energy-efficient machines they could imagine.

    Samantha Tazzia of West Bloomfield and Elaine Pulk, who is from Ohio but lives on campus, called their invention “Piano Pizazz.” “We were told to waste the most energy you could to make it the most inefficient,” Samantha, 15, said.

    As they explained their lessons on the study of motion and the differences between potential (stored) energy and kinetic (moving) energy, the girls walked through their project’s energy transfers.

    First, they dropped a marble through a black funnel. It rolled down a wooden ramp and hit three miniature books from Samantha’s childhood days. The books hit a toy helicopter propeller, which sent a marble shooting down a tunnel, flying through the air and then landing to play a note on a keyboard.

    That sounds like a good homeschool project for a cold winter day.

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    Kara Marie Clairmont
    April 23rd, 2004
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    lol whats this all about?!