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    A conservative group has compiled its list of top 10 education lunacies. I’ve blogged most of them throughout the year in one form or another but number seven on the list is new to me.

    [T]he president of the University of Arizona, who sent a formal letter to the class of 2003 informing the students that they would have to discontinue the tradition of throwing tortillas at their commencement, because the president thought it was disrespectful to many of the school’s Hispanic and Native American community members.

    But members of the Chicano/Hispano Student Affairs organization said they knew the tradition was celebratory and not meant to offend.

    Tortillas? Do the students fling them like Frisbees? Any UofA grads out there?

    UPDATE: Evidently they do.

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    December 23rd, 2003
    at 9:46 am

    Well, I live in Tempe, AZ, home of the ASU Sun Devils, but I do know a little UoA background. Before moving here, I lived in Pennsylvania and attended Lehigh University. At the time current UoA president Peter Likins, was president at Lehigh.