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    A: When high-performing schools refuse to allow transfers in.

    According to Bill McGrady, who supervises school-choice programs for the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, fewer than 50 students in the state transferred last year as a result of No Child Left Behind. Figures for this year are not yet available, but are not expected to be dramatically higher.

    In neighboring Virginia, 432 students out of a student population of 1.2 million used the federal school-choice provision this year, up from 226 last year, according to state officials.

    …If schools in Roanoke Rapids are reluctant to make room for students from Weldon, schools in Weldon are equally unhappy about the prospect of giving up students to Roanoke Rapids. The school system stands to lose about $5,000 in federal and state money for every student who transfers out of the school district, making it even more difficult to meet the goals of No Child Left Behind.

    “We believe in our kids and want to keep them here,” said Kathi Gibson, Weldon’s third school superintendent in four years.

    It’s all about the money, as usual.

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    Karen Williams
    February 25th, 2004
    at 11:30 am

    I am in agreement with Kathi Gibson, Superintendent of Weldon School System. There is no reason for the children to move although, I can understand the parent’s position in that they want the best for their children. I would as well want my children to get the best education possible.
    My suggestion would be to find the money to employ innovative teachers, administrators who understand first, the culture of these students and secondly, have unique teaching strategies to assistlow performing students. I am one of those persons who have a gift for reaching low performing students and I have read the articles and want to help. I am presently a college instructor however, I want to help.Please let me know what I can do. What a challenge!