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    Here’s a testing article about Delaware’s three-tiered diploma system. DE has a really screwy program. The kids take a standardized test in 10th grade and, based on the results of that test, when they graduate they are awarded one of three diplomas: distinguished, standard, or basic. This system was implemented in lieu of a make-or-break exit exam.

    No one that I know likes the current system and parents are lobbying to scrap it. At a hearing yesterday, a student testified about his experience:

    Max Castorani, a senior at Alexis I. du Pont High School, told the committee he scored 1520 on his SAT test, is a National Merit Scholar and a candidate for the presidential scholars program, based on his test scores. But he told the committee that based on his state test he will receive a standard diploma.

    It does sound like something may be wrong but, to be fair, all students do have the opportunity to re-take the exam. The article gives no indication if Mr. Castorani availed himself of the option.

    My big problem with the system is it’s a big “Who cares?” There are absolutely no ramifications if one gets a standard or distinguished diploma. Colleges have long since made their admissions decisions and businesses are not going to ask to see the diploma. Much ado about not a whole lot.

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