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    I guess the law of supply and demand has been revoked in Delaware.

    New Castle County paid the owners of 316 acres west of Middletown more than $2.3 million Thursday to guarantee their land always will remain a farm.

    The farm, on the Middletown-Warwick Road, is the first to enter the county’s farmland preservation program.

    Under the deal, Dennis and Morgan Clay retain ownership of the land, but lose the right to build homes or businesses there.

    The land has more value if it can be developed so the state, in its infinite wisdom, decides to use our money to bribe farmers to stay farmers? All this accomplishes is wasting money and driving up the price of land that can be developed. But, it makes politicians feel good (and look good at re-election time). Why aren’t the Republicans and the Libertarians screaming bloody murder about this?

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