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    Glenn Reynolds (aka Instapundit) has a really good post on why education matters.

    America is richer than the rest of the world because we have smart people who work hard, under a system that encourages them to do so by letting them keep (most of) the fruits of their labor. But America’s wealth isn’t a birthright. Like our freedom, it has to be earned by each successive generation. It can’t be protected by legislation, it can only be protected by hard work.

    Part of that hard work lies in educating the next generation. It’s pretty clear that we’re dropping the ball in that department. Instead of worrying about outsourcing, maybe we should be worrying about that.

    Read the whole thing.

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    Comment by
    Brad S
    February 2nd, 2004
    at 10:59 am

    As I responded to Glenn’s blogpost on MSNBC.com, there is one thing that makes America’s wealth more of a birthright than he thinks it does, one thing that education and hard work only play secondary roles in maintaining. That thing is to be able to have that wealth protected by both law (caselaw and Constitutional protections) and by financial institutions (insurance in particular) specifically designed to protect that wealth under certain parameters.

    This is something India (as demonstrated by recent history) clearly does not have, and it is likely that outsourcing will be kept in check because of that inability. No amount of immersion training in the product and the service can keep the Indian government from keeping its hands from strangling the golden goose.