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    This school principal has forgotten who the parent is.

    A Lovington father is scheduled for four hours of school detention for keeping his high school age daughter home from school for one day due to extreme cold weather.

    …On the morning of Friday January 30, Hatton said he decided it was too cold for his children to go to school that day. But the Lovington High School Handbook does not list “parental concern for a child’s safety” as one of six excused absences in their handbook.

    …Lovington High School Principal Kevin Van Meter said the Hatton’s 16 year old daughter’s absence was unexcused, and punished her with five days detention. He based the punishment on a provision in the Lovington High School Handbook which states, “The student will be considered truant for all unexcused absences. The student will make up all time for unexcused absences unless the administrator deems the absence to be unavoidable.”

    The gall of these idiots! Who the hell do they think they are?!

    I sort-of applaud the the father for taking the rap. But, it’d have been far better if he fought it out with the school board.

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    Comment by
    Eric Holcombe
    February 19th, 2004
    at 3:39 pm

    I must say that cracking the whip on those HS administrators would become my life’s mission.

    Oh, and get ready for the frostbite lawsuits…