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    Idaho State Rep. Joe Stegner pulled his ugly truancy bill. Guess who got the credit:

    Home-schooling parent John Doherty of Jerome was relieved when he heard Friday the state’s truancy laws will remain unchanged for the time being.

    Doherty, and hundreds of other home-schooling parents throughout the state, were convinced that legislation sponsored by Sen. Joe Stegner, R-Lewiston, could make them vulnerable to prosecution for not putting their children in public schools. Considerable pressure from the state’s home-schooling community prompted Stegner to pull the bill on Friday…”It has generated more animosity than I had anticipated,” Stegner said.

    Don’t mess with homeschoolers. We’re tough.

    There is a lesson, here, for us. We are getting quite good at local politics. We are considerably less experienced at the federal level. We need to keep homeschooling issues down in the states where we know we can run with the big dogs.

    Hear that HSLDA?

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