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    A parent objected to a film about the cases that led to Brown v. Board of Education because the film “uses a racial epithet at least twice.” This story is interesting on at least two levels- 1) Any time parents want materials banned (particularly historical materials) because of PC-sensitivity, I get my hackles up and 2) I think this is the first time that a newspaper has gone out of its way to avoid even the “n-word” euphemism. Is that now also considered too volatile to print?

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    February 21st, 2004
    at 10:05 pm

    I can now accuse you of using ‘the “n-word”.’ I’m so clever. 😉

    Speaking of clever, I nominate Dave Chapelle as America’s race relations embassador. He punches fist-sized holes in all sorts of sensitivities, plus is damn funny.

    Two of my favorite skits from his show:

    The blind black child raised by Klansmen who don’t have the heart to tell him his own race, who gets so caught up in the family’s bigotry that he becomes America’s first black White Supremacist.

    The 1950s Donna-Reed-like white bread family with the last name of Niggar. Dave Chapelle stars as the milkman, who comes by and says things like “how you Niggars doing today?”