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    The MA State Board of Education approved several new charter skools despite a letter writing campaign by high skool students orchestrated by the g-skool educrats. Well, “despite” might be too kind a description. How ’bout because.

    All the proof state Board of Education member Roberta Schaefer needed to OK controversial new charter schools were the letters before her from public school students.

    Schaefer ridiculed the letters against a proposed school in Marlboro for their missing punctuation and sloppy spelling – including a misspelling of the word “school” in one missive.

    “If I didn’t think a charter school was necessary, these letters have convinced me the high school was not doing an adequate job in teaching English language arts,” Schaefer said.

    Maybe the educrats should have written the letters for the students. It was a dumb stunt to begin with. Just how informed are high skool kids likely to be about these issues (other than the indoctrination they get at the hands of their g-skool teachers)?

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    Steve LaBonne
    February 25th, 2004
    at 1:40 pm

    What makes you think the skoolteechers can spel enny beter then there stoodints can? 😉