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  • $300??? I’m not often

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    $300??? I’m not often in favor of higher taxes but I think a hike may be in order in this Las Vegas school district.

    While there is an understanding and acknowledgement that schools are underfunded, classroom teachers have to deal with the current reality. That reality includes some teachers receiving notes from their principals in the last couple of weeks about how much they will be allocated for classroom supplies this year…

    One school was providing each teacher $300 for the whole year. What do the teachers get for nothing? Bulletin board trim and butcher paper.

    The $300 allocation is supposed to pay for such things as paper, spelling tablets, folders, binders, rubber bands, index cards, chalk, paper clips, crayons, erasers, rulers, yardsticks, stapler, staples, scissors, Scotch tape, glue, white board markers, overhead transparencies, pencils and pens. Imagine $300 to pay for those supplies for 25 to 35 students for a whole school year. Are teachers really supposed to have the kids stop writing or practicing math when their paper supply runs out in December or are they expected to buy it out of their own pocket?

    In some ways this means not all kids will be provided for equally. New teachers, especially if they are single, won’t be able to afford to buy much for their classrooms on their $27,000 salary…

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