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    Here’s one for Michael Peach:

    Some parents claim they are educating their children at home to hide the fact they are abusing them, welfare officers say.

    The Association for Education Welfare Management has asked the Children’s Minister, Margaret Hodge, for the power to check up on home educators.

    Sounds awfully familiar.

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    February 28th, 2004
    at 2:25 pm

    Oh my that’s preposterous! Don’t those homeschool parents that want their children abused know that it’s much less work for them & that their kids will get far more abuse if they would just turn them over to g-schools????

    How elitist for those homeschool parents to think that they can provide high quality abuse at home or that they can match the amount of abuse by a whole group of lousey teachers that are underpaid to care. Say not of the real concern that those children abused at home will completely miss out on that all important socialization abuse by their peers. Horrors!!!

    As for the issue of pedophiles & children & parents at home, yes that is a problem. Why those poor pedophiles have so much leg work going door to door looking for those isolated children at home never quite knowing when they’ll be there since they’re not tied to their kitchen tables all day. It would be far easier for them if all the kids were in one place at certain arranged times during the day like in a school recess yard. Then they could just pick off the weak ones like a lion & a pack of wildebeasts at a watering hole.

    I do hope that the Children’s Minister & home visits set those homeschool parents straight & stop that home abuse all together. Every intelligent person knows the best place to be abused is in a G-school DUH!!!!!

    I know that there may be some stubborn abusive parents out there that will still insist on providing some abuse at home in according w/ their own beliefs. I have heard rumors of parents that do manage to abuse their children at home & hide it from the schools their kids attend. But it most be few & far between cause I hardly ever hear of such things.

    What is the world coming to now-a-days? Absolutely shocking!!! 😉