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    …in this article about how some Florida students are using a “loophole” to escape the FCAT exit exam requirements. Under state law, they are not permitted to enroll in a public college without a diploma. Kids who can’t pass the FCAT are “enrolling” in what may or may not be a diploma mill. Homeschoolers may get caught in some blowback:

    A spokeswoman for Gov. Jeb Bush, whose A+ Education plan included the FCAT graduation requirement, said the state provides ample opportunities for students to earn diplomas, even after the senior year.

    ”We have alternatives that can assist students that have language barriers — immersion classes, special reading classes,” said press secretary Alia Faraj.

    Despite Bush’s and Horne’s opposition, the practice is likely to grow, at least for now, as Foureau and his first group of graduates spread the word.

    ”This isn’t anything we’re going to take out advertising to tell people about,” Moitozo said, “although that might be a good idea.”

    Horne said Miami Dade College and other community colleges should carefully consider which diplomas they accept.

    This could hurt us in a couple of ways. Some homeschoolers also use this school. Of more concern, though, would be a move to only accept “accredited”diplomas.

    UPDATE: The school is accredited. But, even the accreditation agency seems a bit dodgy. For instance, you can’t even get a list of their “member” schools, and they won’t provide local references.

    3 Responses to “ONE SCARY SENTENCE”

    Comment by
    judy aron
    February 29th, 2004
    at 12:41 pm

    ok – so now the trend is going to be to
    de-ligitimize homneschool high school programs by claiming the accrdeitation is bogus..

    I see where this is all going..

    and what about (pray tell) the high schools that are “legitimately accredited” turning out kids who cannot read, or do simple mathematics?

    Comment by
    Daryl Cobranchi
    February 29th, 2004
    at 1:36 pm

    You misunderstand. The article did not question the school’s accreditation. I did. And, homeschoolers were not mentioned in the article except for the fact that homeschoolers also use their program. The entire focus was g-school kids getting out of having to pass the FCAT.

    Comment by
    Judy Aron
    February 29th, 2004
    at 10:01 pm

    You may have questioned the accreditation, but I am sure others who are trying to “close the loop-hole” will do the same.. and I believe that this is going to be a way for folks who are unhappy with homeschoolers to fight another front against us.. I think they will try to use the tactic of de-legitimizing the umbrella schools that we use to obtain “accredited diplomas” or similar credentials. Don’t think for a minute that these distance private schools are not on the hit list.. especially as Certificates of Mastery are going to be necessary credentials as we continue into the future of the school to work, workforce investment act, goals 2000 agenda.