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    A homeschooler in the Poconos was chosen to be “Postmaster for a Day.” She got to follow the real small-town postmaster around and learned how the USPS works. By all acounts, she did a terrific job.

    “Amy was eager to take the money and gave correct change back,” elaborated Hallman. “I showed her the whole process of how the mail system works. She was very inquisitive. She probably has a better idea of how the post office works than the employees do.”

    …”She was ecstatic when I asked her,” recalled Hallman, equally ecstatic about her performance. “She was eager. She was on top of it. Didn’t ask for breaks. She was the perfect employee.”

    The customers were equally pleased with Amy’s work.

    “There were no customer complaints,” extolled Hallman. “We usually have one. She handled all the situations very well. Some customers said they finally have a postmaster they can relate to.”

    Way to go, Amy!

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    Skip Oliva
    March 28th, 2004
    at 12:41 am

    Heh. Clearly her work ethic wasn’t the product of union teaching.