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    HOMEBOUND GOOD, HOMESCHOOL BAD The key to this article is in the 2nd ‘graph.

    Selleck is a credentialed [emphasis added]teacher who works for the Home and Health Services office of the Oakland Unified School District. She’s been teaching students in their homes or hospital beds since 1998.

    Other than that, this could almost be written about any HSing parent.

    Crystalyn Walker, a junior this year at Castlemont High School, worked with Selleck for about six months last year. Crystalyn said she enjoyed home study. “It was better than going to school,” she said. “I learned more.”…

    Selleck’s approach involves getting to know her students, including their interests, so she can tailor the curriculum to each one. It also means understanding each student’s illness and potential limitations…

    Selleck works with students for about six to nine hours a week and assigns a lot of homework. “Some can work more independently than others,” she said, but all the youngsters she teaches are expected to be students when they’re at home.

    But, then again, we’re not credentialed.

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