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    Here’s a comment that showed up in an old thread.

    What if a home schooled child did not take the tcap test when they were suppose to?
    what is the home schooled child is not getting the 4-5 hours a day schooling? the slips that the home school teacher fills out on a daily basis to show the hours that were taught can easily be a lie, and alot of the children are being denied the education they should be getting.
    Because of this neglect what happens when a 5th grade home schooled child is on a 3rd grade level; for example; can not divide, dont know all his multiplcation tables, can not even subtract from hundreds or thousands!!!! something needs to be done because in my eyes this is neglect, and this is our future.
    please email me back with some answers, so I can either turn in this person, or somebody I can contact about this ongoing problem.


    She seems genuinely concerned, though obviously a bit misinformed.

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    April 21st, 2004
    at 4:55 pm


    It IS possible that the particular child she’s referring to is not being taught. There are some rare cases where that happens – where the parent is too lazy to teach, can’t be bothered to make the kid attend school, and uses “homeschooling” to evade the truant officer.
    But, I wouldn’t say “a lot of children are being denied education”. I think the genuinely disinterested parent is probably a very rare commodity in the homeschool community. Rarer even than in the public schooled community.

    I also don’t think any child needs to be taught 4-5 hours a day in the primary grades. I’ve got ample proof that it’s perfectly easy to *exceed* the curriculum requirements in 2-3 focused hours a day. Bright kids could probably do it in less.

    Basically, unless this is a close family member, I think this really isn’t any of Stephanie’s business.
    How well does she know this kid? When was she quizzing him in math? Was he inclined to show her what he knows? Does she know if he has any learning disabilities? Can he read? Are his basic needs, such as clothing and food and housing taken care of?
    Two years behind in math isn’t much. You’ll see that kind of spread in the average classroom, from the low performers to the high performers.

    The child is his parent’s responsibility. I’d have to see evidence of MUCH worse neglect before I’d consider calling social services.

    You can’t go calling a homeschooling parent a liar, or charging them with educational neglect, based only on how poorly their kid does in academics. Lots of kids in public school do badly, too. By fifth grade, I’d already failed a year and I didn’t know my multiplication tables either, and I was public schooled. It doesn’t mean anything, by itself.

    If Stephanie’s genuinely concerned about the child’s welfare, then I’d suggest she offer to tutor the child in math.

    Siccing social services on them, forcing the child back into a system which will simply label him a failure or stick him in remedial classes with the discipline problems, possibly even getting him removed from his home… Stephanie’s got the power to cause this child an awful lot of grief.

    Before you go interfering in another family’s life you’d better be darned sure you’re *helping* them, not making matters worse.

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    Joe in NM
    April 22nd, 2004
    at 11:19 pm

    So how many 5th graders in local g-school are at 2nd or 3rd grade level in math, 60%? Does she realize that not all chldren learn at the same rate? She should be agitating for the kids in the g-school that are not lock-step performing grade-level, there must be some kind of edu neglect going on in that school!

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    May 11th, 2004
    at 2:19 pm

    Thank you for your input. Yes, the child that I am referring to is a relative. I know that 98% homeschooled children are very bright, and are being taught the right way, but there is one homeschool parent that is not teaching at all; well, only when he or she feels like it, and when it is to their convience.
    The child was inclined to show me what he does know how to do, and I have been working with him for a while now. He has no learning disabilities, he can read, and he has clothes on his back and food on the table.
    I am not going to call child services, and I would never cause any harm on this child What-So-Ever!!!! I have been tutoring him, but the problem is when he starts to actually get it, the mother gets jealous because he is learning from me and did not learn, or do his work when she tried to teach him the same project.
    I am not interfering in this family; this family is like my own. The mother came to me when she could not do fractions, intergers,etc.., and so I sat down and taught her how to do the math, and thats when she ask me to help her children, and I said yes. The thing is when I would give them the homework they would not do it, and she would not bring them back for weeks at a time, and during those weeks there was no work being done. I am just saying these two children need to be taught on a daily basis, and if there is anybody that could give me some advice on someone I could chat with to find out what I can do to help these children, or someone who could give me some info on how I could approach their mother and help her set out a curriculum; if she will listen. thats all, I would never cause these two children any grief.