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    Jonathan Wilde at Catallarchy has a post on the Separation of School and State. [NOTE: Wilde neither mentions nor endorses sepschool.org. That’s my interpretation of his post.]

    When money is exchanged by force and not voluntarily, these coordination mechanisms are no longer present. When the local school gets my money without my permission, it rewards the local school, even though I do not approve of that school. At the same time, entrepreneurs who might otherwise be able to profit from my money by making a school that I voluntarily choose to pay for, rather than being rewarded, are punished. They miss out on the profits they could make because those dollars are given automatically without my permission to the school that does not satisfy me. In other words, the particular product that does not satisfy me is rewarded and the particular product that does satisfy me is punished – the exact opposite of the free market. Multiply this by tens (hundreds?) of thousands within a locality, and the result is that poorly functioning schools become successful, and potentially great schools lose out.

    A minor quibble- I don’t think Wilde means “successful” as in the schools can actually educate the young, but as in they stay in business (so to speak).

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