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    Texas schools are still allowed to employ corporal punishment. But, this is child abuse.

    Justin was paddled after a classmate tattled about him saying a derogatory remark toward an elementary coach. Justin showed how he was made to stand holding a chair. “The coach made me stand like this and then he gave me three swats.”

    His mother has pictures of her son’s buttocks with large bruises and redness. “He had these welts on him and these blood spots in his underwear and the big purple size bruise the size of a half a dollar. That’s not a regular spanking.”

    A medical doctor documented that Justin’s bruises were consistent with traumatic injury. Causby requested that her son never be hit again, but four days later Justin got into trouble for throwing a pencil. He received another pop on top of his already bruised bottom.

    …Groveton Superintendent Jim Wise said that the district supports the use of corporal punishment. Wise contends that proper procedure was followed. He points out that a witness observed the paddling, and that the incident was handled properly.

    So, as long as there’s a witness, it’s ok to beat a child? Where’s the CBS expose’ of the “Dark Side of G-schooling”?

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    Comment by
    Louis Downwy
    September 13th, 2004
    at 1:56 pm

    It’s outrageous that the littel boy has to suffer the way that he did how can a school districk let a school employee do something of that nature to one of GOD’S children what kind of school would that be (NO PLACE FOR CHILDREN)that’s for sure ? I hope that the parents sue and win everthing penny that littel boy desevers