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    HELP WANTED- ONLINE NEWS EDITOR The Guardian (UK) needs some help. Here’s the headline and lede from a recent article

    Catholic Priests Sue Accusers

    Some Roman Catholic priests who say they have been falsely accused of molesting children have turned to civil courts for relief, filing defamation lawsuits against the people claiming to be their victims.

    And then, out of left field, we get this:

    Life experiences, whether going shopping or travelling, become teaching moments for the youngsters.

    As home-schoolers know, “life is a classroom,” said Michelle Doyle, chairwoman of the Quinte Christian Homeschoolers Association, which comprises about 30 families.

    Threw me for a second.

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    Comment by
    Bryant Doyle
    September 23rd, 2004
    at 7:46 pm

    Michell Doyle is a shinning example of what a successful home schooling mother should become. She beleives that example isn’t a vital key for success, but the only key!!

    Fantastic job!!!!