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    This is what happens when the “State” interferes in what should be a purely private contractural agreement:

    When Kim Conolty came home from college this summer, she expected to save about $4,000 working as a lifeguard for the Batavia Park District.

    Because the 19-year-old Illinois State University sophomore plays for the soccer team and doesn’t have time to work at school, she was counting on racking up about 50 hours a week.

    When Illinois lawmakers adopted a new overtime law last spring, however, they threw a wrench into Conolty’s plans.

    Specifically, they neglected to include a provision that would allow seasonal laborers to work more than 40 hours a week and still be paid straight time instead of time-and-a-half. Many park districts, including Conolty’s, reacted by cutting overtime, and that meant smaller paychecks for seasonal workers.

    So, the college students make less money. The parks have to scramble to find replacement lifeguards. And this is our government “protecting” us how?

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