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    COURIER-HOUMA TODAY PART III Here’s part three of the series (I never did find part two). Some excellent quotes here.

    “I would like to see less regulation. We’re doing a good job and really don’t need to prove that to the state because there are no benefits from it. The state doesn’t provide us with diplomas. The state won’t vouch for our progress. In many ways, the state, if anything, just interferes.

    “Any attempt for the state to further regulate homeschooling would just have a negative effect on homeschool families. Not that they wouldn’t comply or live up to whatever the change would be, but it would just be one more irritant or aggravation. It would be one more case of the government stepping into your living room to try to tell you how to do something you’re already doing just fine,” she explained…

    There are no drawbacks to home education, Beryl said. The experience allows her to have a deeper relationship with her children.

    “We are not isolated. We are not cut off from society. We don’t live in a cave, and we don’t keep the kids in a closet. Day to day, we’re out there … ” Beryl said.

    “For a parent to take the time to pour into their own children, that’s the only way the world is going to change for the better.”

    The only negative I see in this article is the all-too-standard “parent pointing at a book while child(ren) look on” photo. 🙂 If any paper ever decides to profile our family, I’m going to insist that they take a picture of the HS karate class or “swim & gym” at the “Y”. Anything that shows the kids away from the dining room table.

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