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    OT: GOOGLE NEWS Jack Shafer at Slate has an article up about Google News.

    According to the site’s FAQ page, Google News software continuously crawls more than 4,000 Web news sources, looking for the most relevant articles from the most reputable sources. From those results, other Google automatons auto-generate news pages for its various section fronts, sorting them into: “Top Stories,” world, U.S., business, sports, entertainment, etc. The pages include the source of the article, a clickable (back to the originating site) headline, the story’s first sentence, and often a news photo. By my stopwatch, Google News produces all new section fronts every 12 minutes or so, satisfying even the most attention-deficit disordered news appetite. Enterprising readers who want to dig deeper can retrieve stories culled by Google News over the past 30 days by using keyword searches.

    Without Google News and EducationNews.org this blog would be a blank “slate” (I’ll leave it to you to decide if that would be an improvement).

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