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    Why not? Everyone else is doing it.

    I’m not voting for Ruth Ann Minner for Governor.

    On the whole, I think Minner has done an admirable job. She steered DE through the recession, cutting expenditures when it appeared we were going to run a deficit. All her good works, though, have been brushed aside by her latest ad. The backstory: Back in July, there was a hostage situation in one of the prisons. It was bad. A prison employee was raped and the prisoner shot and killed. After it was all over, Minner was widely quoted as saying “You almost expect this to happen in prisons.” Political firestorm. Now, I have no idea what she meant, but she did say it, and her opponent took notice.

    Bill Lee has been running an effective ad that quotes Minner directly. In the last couple of days, Minner’s sampaign has been running their response ad that accuses Bill Lee of being dishonest. They say that Minner never said “You expect this to happen.” See the difference? That “almost” is missing. So, technically, she’s not lying. One problem, though- Bill Lee quoted her exactly. I hate dishonest politicians!

    If her skirt is not on fire, it’s at least smoldering.

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    Comment by
    Matthew Willis
    October 27th, 2004
    at 1:00 pm

    I hate them too. You should take a look at the SC senate race between Inez Tenenbaum (D) and Jim DeMint (R). Inez has waged an extremely effective campaign against DeMint being dishonest about his new tax plan, which would replace all federal taxes with a flat 23% sales tax. What Tenebaum’s ads do is leave out the part about all federal taxes going away. So to someone who is not informed it sounds like DeMint wants to raise taxes by 23%! If you go to realcl...cs.com and go to SC you see that DeMint went from a 12 pt lead to a 3 pt lead in less than a month! Thankfully DeMint has fought back and regained his double-digit lead.