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    for once.

    Chicago teachers are fighting against a residency requirement. Apparently, under local law, all teachers in the g-schools have to live in the city. Nancy Salvato rightly takes the city adminsitration to task. She also beats up on the union a bit.

    Where a teacher decides to live is an issue of privacy. Teachers are not chattel. If there was ever an express purpose for a union, the defense of the teachers against this indefensible practice would merit their operation. But of course, the unions are too busy pushing their partisan political agenda to look out for the teachers!

    She’s right (on both counts). Residency requirements are terrible law, dictating where people choose to live their lives. Where’s the compelling State interest?

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    J Aron
    October 28th, 2004
    at 10:17 am

    In my town police, firemen and teachers are given special breaks on obtaining a mortgage if they move into our town..