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    Your tax dollars at work.

    The University of North Carolina at Charlotte will now cement the show’s legacy in the state by offering an academic course about the TV show [American Idol].

    Beginning in January, students at UNCC will earn three credit hours for the class “Examining ‘American Idol’ Through Musical Critique.”

    The class will watch the show twice a week and devise its own system for rating contestants. Students will learn the history of different musical styles used as “Idol” themes, such as Motown and Broadway. The final project will be a paper on who should win and why.

    The elective course was created by Jay Grymes, assistant professor of musicology, who says he’s a huge fan of “Idol.” The show can be a springboard for serious discussion about the art of performing music and the craft of critiquing it, he said.

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    Daniel Stoddart
    October 29th, 2004
    at 4:03 pm

    It’s amazing to me how many people still believe that liberal arts degrees from most “highly rated” American universities are worth even a fraction of what these kid’s parents are mortgaging their homes for. Sad.

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    October 29th, 2004
    at 9:00 pm

    Actually, for a serious vocal student, Idol can provide a lot of amateur examples to observe. It’s fun for me to observe what the singers are doing wrong (and very occasionally right).

    It’s good exercise for the singer to watch great performances, it’s also good exercise to watch bad performances. It’s productive to see mistakes happen, and to analyze why they happen. What does it sound like when a singer is pushing? When she’s not opening her mouth enough?

    As for this class, I feel it COULD be a productive use of time, if taught really well. It also has the danger of turning into another of the thousands of joke classes which universities offer every year.