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    A new niche product for homeschoolers:

    Homeschoolers have often sung the praises of how homeschooling teaches better life skills than public schools. The problem? There weren’t any programs available to homeschoolers to help younger children with their communication skills. Enter JoJo Tabares, creator of “Say What You Mean” and owner of Art of Eloquence, which offers Christian based homeschooling communication curricula.

    A public speaking course? Sure, our kids don’t have to stand up at the blackboard to work examples. But where does the fear of public speaking originate? It’s not a lack of practice, but of self-confidence. That’s one area, I think, where the home educated have no problems.

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    October 30th, 2004
    at 4:25 am

    My children, when given half a chance, will talk someone’s ear off. Every time we go anywhere, they ask cashiers, stockers, salesmen, doctors, nurses, people doing random things all sorts of questions about their jobs, etc. My most favorite recent one was the middle child trying to get the cashier at wallyworld to explain precisely how the red lines in the scanner read the barcodes on the products. HA.