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    We homeschool because they don’t teach creationism in the g-schools? I never knew.

    Reader Views: Vote to clean up our culture

    By Eva Thompson
    Friday, October 29, 2004 11:46 PM CDT

    Ask not what the candidate can do for you, but ask what you can do to help clean up our American culture. Reduce rape, pornography, violence, murder and drugs. Your personal vote may be the one that puts a Christian in office.

    Don’t ever think that God’s word can’t make a difference! Christians ought to vote for Christians. About 5,000 votes have already been cast at the White County Court House. Polls are open Monday through Friday and Saturday afternoons. Find out what each candidate stands for.

    Pray to God to heal our nation. There is no reason why mothers should have to do home schooling. Do your part to help put creationism back into our school classrooms.

    God bless America, land that I love. If you love her, do your part to help clean up our culture. Join Christians, the nation over. Go vote and promote the Christian candidate. This is your chance to help make a difference.

    As a homeschooling advocate, I’d love to see the g-schools teach creationism; it’d triple the number of homeschoolers overnight. 🙂

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    Comment by
    Roy W. Wright
    October 30th, 2004
    at 4:12 am

    Christians ought to vote for Christians.

    Not if the “Christian” is a collectivist, lady! (Yes, I’m talking about Bush.)

    There is no reason why mothers should have to do home schooling.

    I don’t think I would send my kids to a school even if it were run by upstanding members of my own religion, let alone generic Christians.

    Comment by
    Daryl Cobranchi
    October 30th, 2004
    at 4:20 am

    It’s 1:19. Go to bed.

    Comment by
    October 30th, 2004
    at 4:22 am

    Sleep is for the dead. 😉

    Comment by
    October 30th, 2004
    at 8:42 am

    First of all, as a conservative Christian, I want to say that we are all not such complete morons! I homeschool because of some of the things I feel are taught in schools that oppose my religious belief. I, however, disagree that it is the government’s job to teach that religion to all children, regardless of their parent’s wishes.

    It’s interesting that a mom from Searcy wrote this letter. Searcy, AR is home to Harding University, one of the largest of the church of Christ sponsored schools in that brotherhood (after Pepperdine). I went to HU in the late 80’s — unless it has changed drastically since then, there isn’t much intolerance of Christianity. If there were ever a city with the tendancy to be less tolerant of other religions and more open to Christianity in the schools, it would be this one.

    Comment by
    J Aron
    October 30th, 2004
    at 9:14 am

    Shoot.. Teaching Creationism is not the reason why I homeschool! It’s all the other things they don’t teach…

    Comment by
    October 30th, 2004
    at 1:02 pm

    I got the heebie jeebies reading that letter.
    What’s with all these statist Christians?

    Comment by
    October 30th, 2004
    at 4:51 pm

    I agree with J Aron, there are tons of things they don’t teach anymore, especially if they aren’t things required on state mandated testing. They tend to teach any natural curiosity out of kids.

    Personally, on the religious note, I want my children to learn about ALL of them. They can decide whether or not they believe on their own. I don’t think it’s something that should be dictated to them.