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    Sue me.

    Brian Micklethwait points to a good post at Instapundit. Ann Althouse, guest blogging there, notes how some Milwaukee-area schools have been using kids in a partisan GOTV effort. Brian quotes this ‘graf:

    I firmly believe that once the state compels young people to attend school, deprives them of their freedom, it owes the highest duty to them to use their time only in ways that benefit them. To see them as a source of free labor or to exploit them for any purpose that is not itself a good reason for depriving the young of their freedom is a great wrong.

    Good stuff. Ms. Althouse then beats up on Kerry a bit for his call for compulsory volunteerism (which I had noted a while back). Here I think her argument is a bit weak. Is federalism the only reason to oppose mandatory service? Would it have been okay if Kerry had merely called for the states to do this instead of mandating it? What about freedom?

    One bit of good news- Kerry seems to have backed away from his proposal.

    UPDATE: OTOH, this I heartily applaud:

    I am fortunate to attend a high school that allows students to voice their political views. The Charter School of Wilmington allows political clubs. The Young Republicans Club was founded in 2003, and the Young Democrats Club followed suit this year. Both have large attendance rates. They organize members to vote if they can and for various other activities, such as literature drops and calling undecided voters.

    On Tuesday students were permitted to stand at the entrances to the school and along Lancaster Avenue, waving posters and signs promoting their candidates.

    But the fun didn’t end there. A few minutes later, the entire student body filled the auditorium to watch five representatives from each club debate terrorism, the environment, education, crime, gun control and the economy. Sen. Tom Carper attended and the moderator was Francis O’Malley, a University of Delaware professor. O’Malley said that Charter was the only school in the area to hold such a schoolwide debate and he commended us for our civic activism.

    Alex Guillen, Newark

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    October 30th, 2004
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    What goes around, comes around. Compulsory attendance laws were enacted to protect children from child labor abuse. Now we have CA promoting child labor. The irony.