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    No– I’m not coming out. That was the tee-shirt inscription that got a kid sent home from school.

    A week later, Mr. Mathewson was again admonished for wearing a gay pride T-shirt, this one featuring a rainbow and the inscription “I’m gay and I’m proud.” Told once more to turn the shirt instead out or leave, he chose to go home and was eventually ordered not to return to school wearing clothing supporting gay rights.

    Other kids in the school were allegedly permitted to wear anti-gay tee shirts. The ACLU has sued the school district. Yay!!!!

    You know– this happens all too frequently and I really don’t understand it. The way Rob Reich tells it, schools are supposed to be these great laboratories for teaching “citizenship.” Isn’t understanding our rights under the Constitution a major part of learning to be a good citizen? So, how come the schools do so much to illegally suppress students’ First Amendment rights?

    I bet my (homeschooled) 13-year-old could explain (without prompting) why the schools cannot tell this kid to take off his tee-shirt.

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