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    Here’s a great example of why home educators ought not to get themselves involved in the g-school morass under any guise:

    An Oregon Department of Education plan to crack down on school districts that receive money for teaching home-schoolers could require hundreds of Central Oregon students to take yet another standardized test.

    The policy change will require home-schooled students to take the Oregon Statewide Assessment test if they receive tutoring or take special classes in reading/literature, math or science that are paid for by public schools. Oregon home-schoolers already must take a national standardized test in third, fifth, eighth and 10th grades.

    The rule requiring home-schooled students to take the state assessment has been around since the early 1990s, said Oregon Department of Education (OED) Specialist Cliff Brush, but the No Child Left Behind Act has put added pressure on the state to test all students who benefit from public-education funding.

    NCLB exempts homeschoolers from having to take the state assessments, but if a homeschooler partially enrolls in the g-schools all bets are off. If OR is successful in pulling this off, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the program expanded to include homeschoolers who participate in any g-school activity. Like sports.

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