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    How did a Detroit-area TV station come to channel NHEN?

    What Parents Need to Know

    Parents may be attracted to home schooling due to a desire to provide a safe, secure learning environment. Statistics show an increase in home schooling takes place after acts of school violence. Other parents see home schooling as an opportunity to provide as much religious education as they desire.

    In addition, proponents say home schooling:

    # Provides an opportunity for more emphasis on life skills education.
    # Limits exposure to negative social experiences.
    # Provides an opportunity to strengthen parent-child bonds.
    # Provides more one-on-one teaching and learning.
    # Allows curriculum and teaching methods to be tailored to meet the individual needs of each student.
    # Allows flexibility in what is taught.

    If you are considering home schooling your children, psychologist Dr. Rex Forehand of the Institute for Behavioral Research at the University of Georgia, has the following advice:

    # Consider your motives. As you do this, remember that an education is more than what you learn academically. Being part of a group, learning to work as a member of a class and developing peer relationships are also important.
    # Talk to others who have home schooled their children. Learn the pluses and minuses of this approach to education.
    # Think long term. Do you see this as a temporary solution or a long term one? Are you trying to prepare your child for college? Will home schooling increase or decrease her chances of enrollment in the college of her choice?
    # Consider other alternatives: It is not necessarily a choice between home schooling and public education. There are various types of private schools available.

    Plan thoughtfully before you act, including what is best for your child.

    The article that accompanies this list is pretty positive, too. Worth a read.

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    Tim Haas
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    Aw, man — I was working something up on this. I was going to slam ol’ Rex Forehand’s insidious collectivism. Had subtle Fountainhead references worked up and everything. [goes off to sulk in a most un-Roark-like fashion]