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    Here’s a great example of why homeschoolers should avoid these blended systems.

    The Sisters School District used district money to partially fund teacher salaries at a Christian school.

    Sisters School District Superintendent Ted Thonstad said the district suspended the program after four years on Sept. 1, after a former Sonrise Christian School teacher questioned whether it violated the separation between church and state.

    …Under the arrangement, a handful of Sonrise teachers were hired as employees of both the school district and the Christian school, Thonstad said. Sonrise paid for most of the teacher’s salary, but the district paid for the teacher’s time spent on non-religious subjects, such as math or English.

    Sisters High School Principal Bob Macauley said he approached Sonrise with the partnership four years ago as a way to involve home-schooled students with the school district.

    “When we opened Sonrise, it looked more like a home-school program than anything else,” Macauley said.

    The Christian school started seven years ago with 18 students, and has since grown to 108 students, Macauley said.

    In exchange for sharing the teachers’ salaries, the district was able to claim state funding for the children taught with public money.

    All together now– IAATM!

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