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  • Here’s an interesting idea from Europe…

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    Children could quit school for a trade at 14

    Children will be able to quit school for good at 14 and learn a trade under a planned government shake-up of the education system.

    Instead of school, they will be able to study at college full-time – and take up a trade such as plumbing or engineering under a “young apprenticeship” scheme for 14 to 16-year-olds.

    Of course, the headline and lead paragraph are very misleading. Reading further, you discover that they are really talking about is having students spend about half their week in a trades apprenticeship program, and the rest in either highschool or college. There’s apparently been a successful pilot program already, involving 120,000 kids. Compulsory schooling will continue to be required until 16, but they are expanding the various venues for learning.

    Honestly, it sounds like a good program, to me. And more educational choice is always a good thing!

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