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    So far:

    Fundamentalist 27.8%
    Christian 27.8%
    Religious 11.1%
    Not religious 33.3%

    HSLDA 11.1%

    I counted Jema in with the fundamentalists as she seemed to be leaning that way. That label, BTW, is not meant to be disparaging. I meant someone who is a “literalist” and probably ascribes to creationism and/or ID. Tim warned me that some folks might take offense and suggested I use “evangelical” instead. I chose not to because there are certainly folks here who are evangelicals but not literalists.

    So, no “nutbag” labels from me.

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    December 13th, 2004
    at 8:13 am

    Thanks for the clarification! That’s basically what I was saying. I am more literalist and creationist than not, but wanted to be clear I wasn’t of the “nutbag” variety!!! I believe God created the universe, but whether or not He did it in a literal 7 days really makes no difference in my salvation so I don’t bother with arguing about it. I don’t believe it should be necessarily taught in schools, unless as another theory alongside of Darwinism. I think the 10 Commandments don’t belong in school unless I were willing to have my Christian children taught tenets of other religions as well. I do have a problem with Islam or Wicca being taught if Christianity is excluded. So, while I hold some Fundamentalist ideals, I also would surprise many of my fellow church members with some of my ideals as well. Another interesting question you might ask of your readers is “If you are a religious person, do you homeschool for religious reasons?”. For while I do believe God gives me a responsibility to teach them about Him and His role in the world, that is not my primary purpose in homeschooling (unlike most “fundamentalist” homeschoolers quoted and counted in articles). Basically, I loved learning and hated school and I don’t want that conflict in my children’s lives.