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    Except in a couple details, this Alaskan tale of neglect and abuse sounds almost exactly like the Collingswood case:

    Legislators will hear from state officials today on how the state can better protect Alaska children from abuse and neglect.

    …Five foster children were placed by the state with Patrick and Sherry Kelley, who adopted them. The Kelleys now face 54 criminal charges in a bizarre case of reported beatings, confinements and punishments.

    …OCS [Office of Children’s Services] has declined to talk about what, if anything, it did wrong because of confidentiality restrictions in state law, which it proposes be loosened.

    …The Kelleys received $3,400 a month for their adopted children but, according to troopers, didn’t provide them even basics such as beds at their Mat-Su trailer home.

    …Home schooling may be another area that gets a close look. The Kelley children hadn’t been to school for years, they told troopers. Their adoptive parents said they were being home-schooled, but troopers found no evidence of that.

    At least the state legislator calling for hearings would not propose a ban on homeschooling adopted or foster kids.

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