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    Tim Haas uncovered a really good history of the homeschooling movement by Scott Somerville. It’s buried in HSLDA’s archives here. I’ve written to Scott asking for the backstory. I’ll update if he responds.

    There’s lot of good stuff in here. Here’s a great quote from a prominent opponent of homeschooling:

    Children are not chattel; they are not personal property. They are not “owned” by their parents, nor do they “belong” to the state. The Christian fundamentalists who want the freedom to indoctrinate their children with religious education do not understand that the law that prevents them from legally teaching their kids prevents someone else from abusing theirs.

    Compulsory attendance laws are protectionist in nature. Their purpose is twofold: to protect the state by ensuring a properly educated citizenry; to protect the children by ensuring that their labor is spent attaining an education. Any law that would allow Christians to teach their children without oversight or interference from the state would also allow parents with less worthy motives to lock their children in a closet, use them to babysit for younger siblings, or have them work twelve hours a day in the family hardware store. Opening the door for the lamb allows the lion to enter as well….

    It has taken nearly two centuries to enact the many legal protections existing today for children. Abrogating the state’s compulsory-attendance laws, or weakening them by allowing parents to teach children at home, is no less than a giant genuflection backward. The precarious balance of parents’ rights versus children’s rights should never be struck in favor of the parents. While the Religious Right carries the Christian flag into battle, the state must steadfastly hold high the banner of the child.

    No, that’s not from Tim’s lunch partner (although it certainly sounds familiar). It’s from an Iowa edu-crat in 1987. I guess there really is nothing new under the sun.

    Anyway, the essay, while being a bit HSLDA-centric, is well worth a read.

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    That was very good.