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    Daryl didn’t mention the most fascinating section of Scott Somerville’s history, which makes it even more of a must-read:

    Kathy Collins, the attorney who used to supervise home education in Iowa, wrote home schoolers off as Christian fundamentalists. Ms. Collins was wrong. The diversity of home schoolers is a great strength of the home school movement.

    The increasing popularity and acceptability of home education has given it a foothold in some communities that might otherwise have never considered it. The first wave of home schoolers was far to the left of the American political spectrum, and the second wave of evangelical home schoolers was well to the right. The new waves of the home school movement are rapidly filling in the vital center of American politics. Each new wave makes it harder for politicians to take away the right to teach a child at home.

    Diversity is especially useful when home schoolers interact with legislators. There are home schoolers who are very comfortable with the most conservative politicians, and others who are equally at home with the most liberal. When home school freedoms are genuinely threatened, every faction of this diverse community will quickly join together to fend off government control of home education.

    Cynics will be quick to point out a certain disconnect between HSLDA’s words here and past deeds, but this passage does I think reflect a maturing attitude on the organization’s part that I’ve also seen evidenced in other ways.

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    December 13th, 2004
    at 4:30 pm

    I think the problem is the melding of HSLDA the homeschool org and HSLDA the political org. The homeschool side of the brain there I think recognizes the diversity of the homeschool community, however that diversity is not necessarily good for their ability to influence the conservative political agenda.