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  • Elementary school = prison…

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    The close partnership between police and schools these days is startling.

    Principal Sam Morgan of Thurgood Marshall Academy, a charter school, acknowledged he had police officers handcuff the boy one time, telling the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, “I’m trying to scare this kid straight. I would not be doing my job if I were not trying to get him on the right path.”
    St. Louis police spokesman Richard Wilkes said the department was looking into the incident. “Handcuffing 5-year-olds is not a practice of the department,” he added.

    The boy has been withdrawn from school, but there’s no mention of homeschooling. My favorite quote comes from the principal (who incidentally used to work in Corrections):

    Morgan said he wanted to teach the boy a lesson and that he had devoted more time to the pupil than to any others.
    “I have this kid in my heart,” he said, adding that he had walked the halls with the boy and talked to him many times.

    That’s the kind of love we can all do without. 😉

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