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    The copy is fairly standard, but the setting ain’t:

    Although it has grown into a popular educational format in the US, home-schooling is still quite new for Chinese parents. In today’s China, public education occupies the dominant position with non-governmental education sprouting up only in the past 10 years.

    “We need multiple educational formats to meet the needs of parents and their children, since every child is individually unique,” said Chen Lixin, one of the initiators of Shanghai Home-School Association.

    Chen’s eldest son, Exir, is receiving home-schooling. “It is fun to study in a home-school,” wrote the 11-year-old boy in his personal web introduction. “In China, the school gives us a lot of homework that is not really useful.”

    Exir was already fond of science as a little boy. His dream is to be a scientist like Albert Einstein or a cosmonaut like Yuri Gagarin. He once studied in a local non-governmental school, but homework often took up so much of his spare time that he had no time to read his favourite science books.

    “I like home school. In this way, I can learn a subject at my own pace,” he said. While in school, Exir always learnt faster than other children in his class and he felt frustrated because he could not absorb new knowledge at his own speed.

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