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    Somehow I can’t see this ending well:

    BEAVERTON — The school board voted Monday to negotiate a new contract with a private center that offers classes to home-schooled students, despite district officials’ concerns that the facility does not meet state standards for programs financed with taxpayer dollars.

    More than half of the 230 students who attend the Village Home Education Resource Center in Garden Home live in the Beaverton School District.

    The center probably would have closed if the board had voted against renewing the six-month contract that expires Dec. 31, because more than half its revenue comes from the Beaverton district in fees based on hours of instruction per student.

    Lorelynn Mirage Cardo, the executive director of Village Home, says the center is in compliance with state laws.

    District administrators disagree.

    And what happens when people try to mix homeschooling with state money?

    The Oregon Department of Education is studying how to reconcile laws that oversee home schooling and those that govern private alternative programs financed by state dollars, and is planning to announce its findings in January.

    Publicly funded centers that offer classes only to the home-schooled are a new phenomenon, and the state is still sorting out conflicting regulations, said Cliff Brush, an education specialist with the state education department.

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