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    David Kirkpatrick, writing at EdNews.org, has a positive column on homeschooling. There’s nothing that we all haven’t seen before, but it’s always nice to have allies.

    BTW- for some unknown reason he singles out Delaware homeschooling law to highlight.

    In Delaware, for example, anyone wishing to home school need only send a one-page form to the state Department of Public Instruction notifying them of their intentions. Background checks, teacher certification, curriculum requirements or final tests are not required, nor is any state or accrediting agency given authority over these students.

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    December 17th, 2004
    at 7:40 pm

    Backround checks???”? Does ANY state require a backround check to educate your own kids?

    And yes the state of Delaware doesn’t have any oversight of testing or curriculum. The state of Delaware also doesn’t issue a diploma or give any other services to homeschoolers.

    The way it works best for homeschoolers in the Diamond State. We take nothing from the state to homeschool our children…. We don’t owe the state anything in accountablity to do so.

    And for good measure we still pay our taxes to pay for the education of children of others that live in the state.

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    December 18th, 2004
    at 5:24 pm

    The state I live in (the state of Victoria, in Australia) doesn’t have any requirments. If you want to get your curriculum etc checked by the department of ed, they have to, but then they can refuse to let you teach until you amend it.
    Or you can not inf0rm them, and they don’t know, and that’s legally fine – you are just required to keep enough proof that an “education” is going on if they decide to take you to court (which here almost never happens).