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    The [Michigan] Commission on Higher Education and Economic Growth has just released a study in which they recommend that every high school graduate go on to get a postsecondary degree. Because everyone knows that college grads make more than high school grads.

    The commission recommends that:

    • Every Michigan student earn a postsecondary degree.

    • Financial obstacles to college be removed by guaranteeing some level of financial support to students who go to college.

    • High schools have tougher curriculums to ensure students who earn diplomas are prepared to handle college courses.

    • Colleges increase enrollments and graduation numbers.

    • The state ensures that students have access to two- and four-year baccalaureate programs.

    Of course, that whole supply and demand thing kind of gets swept under the carpet. If every MI student goes on and gets a BS, aggregate wages will be exactly the same. You’ll just have better-educated plumbers and pizza deliverymen.

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    Comment by
    Roy W. Wright
    December 17th, 2004
    at 1:46 pm

    I wish I could find this shocking, but it was inevitable. Far too many young people have been going to college for a while.

    Comment by
    December 17th, 2004
    at 1:52 pm

    From The Incredibles

    Helen Parr: *Everybody* is special, Dash.
    Dashiell ‘Dash’ Parr: That’s just another way of saying nobody is.

    Comment by
    Daryl Cobranchi
    December 17th, 2004
    at 1:54 pm

    Good catch. That’s where I stole the paraphrased quote from.

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    December 18th, 2004
    at 2:53 pm

    I mentioned this post to my husband. After we both stopped laughing, he suggested that the easiest way to ensure that everyone gets a college degree would be to hand them out at high school graduation in addition to the high school diplomas… Much cheaper than the alternatives, and just as effective.