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    Here’s a cute tale about geography bee in Wyoming.

    The question that decided the bee? “What cataract is split into Horseshoe Falls and American Falls?” The correct answer, given by Angele, gave was “Niagara Falls.”

    The gym immediately erupted into applause when Pannell confirmed that Angele had won the bee. The students in the audience jumped up and cheered, some greeting the winner with high fives and handshakes. For his triumph, Angele was awarded a gold medal and a certificate recognizing his status as geography bee champion for the 2004-2005 school year.

    Shortly after his win, when the gym had finally cleared out, Angele told the Boomerang that he didn’t expect to win going into the competition, but he was excited that he did.

    He also mentioned how nervous he was during the championship round of the bee. “I had a real hard time standing up,” he said.

    No bonus for the title; it’s too easy.

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    December 19th, 2004
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    …step by step…inch by inch!