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    The Salt Lake Tribune (my old hometown paper) comes out against paying folks $500 to not send their kids to kindergarten. Fair enough; I think it’s a bad idea, too. I do not care for the editor’s rationale, though:

    So while many well-meaning parents might do a good job of educating their children in a home school, we believe that teachers with expertise in early childhood education likely will do an even better job.

    Preschool and kindergarten also are about socialization – learning to get along with others who are not part of your family. That happens in a public school; it won’t at home.

    I can’t believe they’re actually throwing out the “s” word. Isn’t that horse still dead? And, besides, these days it’s the poor inmates kindergarten students who can’t socialize. Kindergarten is now “all academics, all the time.” And another thing– are these “teachers with expertise in early childhood education” the same ones who can’t pass the test that we crushed?

    Bah! Humbug!

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