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  • Where homeschooling is illegal…

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    Homeschooling is illegal in Germany. Here’s a sympathetic article profiling one homeschooling family. There’s even a mom-and-kids-at-the-table picture. 😉

    A truancy officer notified the Beckers that he would have the children picked up and escorted to school if needed. “But my husband said, ‘There are four children, so you need four policemen who will stay outside the four classroom doors’,” Becker explained.

    The obligatory “dissenting opinion” is pretty funny (and quickly disposed of), too:

    Experts say that kids who don’t go to school aren’t socially-adjusted and lack assertiveness and the ability to deal with conflicts. But, Becker sees the positive aspects.
    “They have the freedom to learn,” she said. “They don’t experience learning as something restrictive, as a constraint that you want to escape from as quickly as possible.”

    Living Room Lessons Not Easy in Germany

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